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Rosen offers an expanding variety of accessory products that are compatible with Rosen Sunvisor Systems, including iPad mounts, CrewShades, CrewView Mirrors and Sunvisor Cleaner.

One of Rosens newest accessory products is the Rosen iPad monorail iPad mounting system. This innovative system features multi-directional adjustability and one-hand tension control and locking.

The engineering behind the mount allows the iPad to be easily stowed up and out of the way while remaining clamped to the rail, or quickly removed for use while on the ground. Designed with both short and long hooks to allow installation in a wide variety of airframes, the Rosen iPad Monorail Mounting System fits iPad I-II-III, Mini and Air iPad products.

To learn more about Rosen's available accessories and applications, please call us at 800.284.7677 or Email Us.

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